Tedson Daydream represents our passionate, high-tech interpretation of Porsche 964 from today’s perspective.

Looking back at the history of 911, since 1964, when the first 911 rolled out of the Porsche factory, all the way until 1989 and even 1994, the car featured the same “original” body. While bumpers changed, the body maintained the same for full 30 years and this original 911 body line, until this day, has been considered the ultimate sports car form.

Due to such beauty of these iconic cars, many restomod companies have done a great job of restoring these original 911s, namely  964s, usually reverting to the early era and the long hood design. Based on many existing backdates, we felt the need to do something completely different, dreaming to present the original 911 body in a new and modern physique, and this is how the project Daydream was born. While striving to deliver the same level of quality as world’s best 911 restomod companies, we redesigned and reengineered the old 911, breathing in a new life into this iconic package, making Daydream estethically attractive, technologically superior and performance wise a true supercar.

Latest technologies were used in modelling the Daydream. 1990 Porsche 964 was thoroughly scanned, and the original 3D model was the basis for Daydream development. Modelling the new, reimagined body took about two intensive and very rewarding years.

By altering bumpers, fenders, side skirts, ducktail and headlights’ attack angle & area, 964’s already impressive aerodynamics was further improved while attaining fresher, contemporary supercar appearance.

These improvements enhanced car’s stance and made it more aggressive, while original DNA remained intact as a testament to brilliant Porsche 911 design.


Original 3.6 engine is being completely hand rebuild to 4.0 L spec with many bespoke custom parts generating 390 HP and massive 315 ft/lbs of torque. In addition to this spectacular engine, the car features performance hybrid technology via KERS in a way of electric motor in place of factory flywheel, mounted between the engine and the transaxle, adding additional 150 HP and 150 ft/lbs on demand. The system features specialized battery located in the front of the car with extreme ability of fast charge and fast discharge using deacceleration and regenerative braking for energy storage.


Daydream can be driven in three different modes, adjusted on the steering wheel knob

Standard mode

the car only uses the engine, providing pure air-cooled driving experience with high power and high torque.
  • POWER 390 hp
  • TORQUE 315 ft lbs
  • ACCELARATION  0-100 km/h approx.  3.5 sec

Sport mode

the car uses the engine combined with 50% of electric motor power, serving as a low-end torque filler and power booster.
  • POWER 465 hp
  • TORQUE 390 ft lbs
  • ACCELARATION  0-100 km/h approx.  3.1 sec

Sport plus mode

the car uses the engine combined with full electric motor capacity for maximum power and supercar performance.
  • POWER 540 hp
  • TORQUE 465 ft lbs
  • ACCELARATION  0-100 km/h approx.  2.8 sec

The standard mode already provides outstanding performance, reaching 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds while two other modes are supercar modes for extreme performance with Sport plus mode reaching 0-100 km/h in less than 3 seconds. In addition to extreme performance, the car is very drivable, and the map settings are being tuned based on personal preferences of each owner.

Drivetrain options

We recommend 964 Carrera 4 manual to be used for Daydream restomod project. C4 system provides 4 x 4 action which helps distribute massive power and torque across two active differentials making the car more drivable and safer. Manual shift provides authentic air-cooled driving experience.

However, C2 cars can also be used but such cars should be driven with caution and by experienced Porsche drivers. Automatic transmission can also be ordered in C4 and C2 configuration if the client wishes so.


Tedson Daydream exterior body panels are made from carbon fiber with exception of the roof and the door.  The car has excellent weight distribution and lower center of gravity then the original car. Also, it is 150 kg lighter than the original 964 Carrera 4 with total weight slightly under 1.300 kg.

Interior of the car is made from the finest Italian leather and carbon fiber or aluminum inserts depending on the chosen design package variant. All lighting is made from lightweight polycarbonate.


Daydream keeps complete metal monocoque intact including the roof for maximum strength and driver protection. Doors also remain original minimizing the effects of potential side impact. 
Airbags, power steering and brakes are standard.

Key strategic partners

In a Pagani-like fashion, Daydream’s assembly line has stretched across the globe to gather the best possible partners with the goal to deliver the best possible car.Several hi-tech partners from US and EU are part of this exclusive project and more information on their identity and their technologies will be available in the upcoming global press releases.


Daydream is offered in two different design package variants: Super Sport and Sport Classic. The first features modern styling with exposed carbon fiber elements, contemporary wheels, and modern leather interior with carbon fiber elements. The second features classic retro design elements with fully painted body (no exposed carbon), racing stripes,  side lettering, Fuchs design wheels and “heritage” interior featuring leather and houndstooth pepita inserts.




Exterior featuring exposed carbon fiber elements

Choice of modern design 18” and 19” wheels

Modern leather interior with exposed carbon fiber elements




Fully painted exterior (no exposed carbon fiber) with racing stripes and side lettering

Choice of 17” and 18” Fuchs styled wheels

Heritage interior featuring leather and houndstooth textile inserts

Daydream’s progressive design enhances 964’s appearance, turning it into contemporary supercar in an original 911 body which by many features the perfect sports car dimensions. Aggressive front nose, lowered and extended front valance, functional air intakes, aerodynamic side skirts, functional rear diffusers and specially designed wing/ducktail further improve 964’s already impressive aerodynamics by lowering drag coefficient and the lift.

In addition to outstanding power and drivetrain, this exclusive build features custom set-up, bespoke coilover suspension, best available Brembo brake package and proprietary Tedson LED headlights and taillights. Each car is delivered with Porsche classic navigation, custom indoor car cover and luggage, featuring owners full name or initials, based on owner's preference.
Each commission allows certain levels of customization, PTS colors, choice of leather, wheels and many other custom elements related to client's desires and driving preferences.
At this time, combustion/hybrid commissions are available while electric conversion is under development and will be available in the winter of 2021.


For Daydream development, road legal 1989-1994 Porsche 911 (964) Carrera 4 or Carrera 2 Coupe is required. Through this restoration process, the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), chassis and odometer reading remain unchanged and servicing, registering and operating procedures also remain the same.
All the cars are fully restored by hand in a so called nut-to-bolt process and are delivered to their commissioners in a new condition.

  • Donor car is completely disassembled and car’s metal monocoque is media-blasted to bare metal.
  • Necessary body corrections and strengthening by welding are performed.
  • Rust prevention coating is applied as the final preparation step.

Most 964 restomods involving backdates usually require chassis fabrication and cutting in order to prepare the framework for long hood installation. This is not the case with our restomod and donor chassis remains unchanged, only strengthened by seam welding to securely withstand additional power and torque requirements.

  • Widened chassis
  • Fully integrated roll cage is offered as an option
  • Bespoke Clubsport coilover suspension
  • Lightweight bespoke RS uprights
  • Upgraded bushings and revised geometry
  • Front and rear strut brace
  • Lower and upper stabilizer bar
  • Except the metal monocoque which remains unchanged, all other parts except the door are made from high-quality carbon fiber, including:
    • Front bumper with front valance
    • Front hood
    • Rear bumper with rear diffuser
    • Front fenders
    • Rear Quarter Panels
    • Side Skirts
    • Rear hood with duck tail
  • DAYDREAM dimensions:
  • Length – 4202 mm (165.43 in)

    Height – 1265 mm (49.80 in)

    Width – 1839 mm (72.40 in)

  • Original 3.6L engine is being increased to 4.0L capacity and many custom parts are installed/exchanged including bespoke crankshaft, pistons, cylinders, connecting rods, cams, cylinder heads, oil pump, throttle bodies and intake system, generating 390 HP and massive 315 ft/lbs of torque.
  • Motec ECU is installed.
  • Tunning of the engine depends on the intended use and client's driving characteristics.
  • Getrag G50 5 Speed with Custom Gear Ratios (6 Speed close ratio is optional).
  • 110 kW Electric motor is installed between the engine and the transaxle instead of factory flywheel.
  • Uprated anti roll bars (front & rear)
  • Carrera 4 features AWD with active differentials
  • Carrera 2 is fitted with limited slip differential
  • New high-tech electrical system with MoTeC M1 series Engine Control Unit (ECU) operating in conjunction with dual MoTeC Power Distribution Modules (PDMs) and Bosch components replacing the entire fuse system.
  • 1 kW battery in the front trunk, supplying the power to electric motor and all other electrical components.

Due to presence of hybrid technology and its 1 kW battery, standard battery is deleted which translates into weight savings of 15 kg (approximately 37 lbs).

  • Servo assisted ‘Big Red’ Brembo calipers - 322mm drilled rotors
  • Brembo pads and braided brake lines
  • Upgraded brake booster
  • SUPER SPORT WHEELS – choice of contemporary designs, custom developed specifically for Daydream application.
  • SPORT CLASSIC WHEELS – Fuchs Design 5 Spoke wheels offered in three different finishes:
    • RSR matte
    • Chrome
    • Partially or fully painted in PTS color
  • Titanium Wheel Studs
  • Wheel sizes: 18 x 9” front | 18 x 12” rear.
    Additionally available 17” wheels in Sport Classic option for more classic look and 19” wheels in Super Sport option for more extreme look.
  • Tire sizes: 245/35/18 front | 315/30/18 rear - Pirelli P Zero Rosso
  • Newly developed lightweight polycarbonate headlight lenses
  • Upgraded LED rear taillights
  • LED front turn signals
  • Choice of contemporary Porsche 911 sports seats or carbon fiber backed bucket seats, trimmed in finest Italian leather or Alcantara (with addition of pepita inserts in Sport Classic option)
  • Specially developed contemporary Porsche 911 steering wheel with driving mode select function
  • Redesigned dashboard and instruments
  • Porsche classic stereo and navigation multimedia system (bluetooth, wifi, USB)
  • Slotted pedals & foot rest made from forged aluminum
  • New generation air conditioning unit
  • Choice of touring (full carpet) or “naked” race interior
  • Due to presence of hybrid technology and its 1 kW battery, standard battery is deleted which translates to weight savings of 15 kg (approximately 37 lbs)